Improve Your Sleep by Switching to Matalesse Bedding

Bring a sophisticated European style to your bedroom by dressing up your bed with matelasse bedding and a coordinating sheet set. This soft bedding will keep you warm and comfortable all night as you get your well-earned rest after a full day of activities.

Sleep experts agree that to feel really refreshed in the morning you need to create the perfect sleeping space that will give you some uninterrupted slumber. To create a sense of calm and well-being, treat yourself to some quality bedding that will wrap you in coziness as you rest peacefully through the night.

Here are 3 benefits of choosing the perfect bedding collections to help you sleep.

  1. Cotton fabrics are natural fibers that are cultivated from living plants so these are a great environmental choice for your sleeping comfort.
  2. Find a lovely softness in your cotton fabrics that will keep you snuggling comfortably all night.
  3. Woven and printed designs bring a full range of choices as you personalize your bedroom with coordinating bed sheets, pillows and comforters.

A luxurious choice that you will enjoy for years -  matelasse bedding is made of thick, quilted cotton which has some great properties that you will appreciate as you search for the perfect night of sleep.


  • Enjoy the tactile quality of your bedding with the quilted design that you will love to feel each night when you go to rest.
  • The play of light and shadow on your bedspread creates a depth of texture that will bring you pleasure  when you have time to enjoy the comforts in your room.
  • Not a sound will disturb you as you turn over at night because the cotton absorbs sound waves to help protect you from anything that might bother you during your rest period.

Here are some useful ideas to integrate your bedding with your room decor.

  • Use textured lamp shades on your bedside lamps to create soft, patterned light that will highlight the textured qualities in your matelasse bedding.
  • Place a tufted bench at the foot of your bed for a sign of luxury and a convenient place to sit when you need it.
  • Throw rugs feel great on your feet if you don’t already have carpeting in your bedroom.

Sleeping peacefully throughout the night will be easy with a great set of bedding and a soft comfortable place to relax into at the end of a long day.

Find Your Career Niche Installing Industrial Shelving

Internet shopping is a booming industry that has created a whole new category of employment – industrial shelving installer.


If you are seeking a great career with lots of potential for future growth, look no further than the warehousing business.  Every time a consumer clicks ‘buy’ on a product web page, an item is pulled from a shelf in some huge warehouse.

The quantity of internet shopping is expanding exponentially and so is the need for warehouse shelving.  Retailers are putting up buildings as fast as possible and they need people who are experienced at working with industrial shelving.

All types of shelving are being used but the most popular is 14 gauge steel.  There are many reasons why industrial shelving is popular with retailers:

  1. fully customizable – assemble your own combination of shelves and bins to fit all the products which come through your doors
  2. modular drawers – hold all your small parts in neatly organized drawers that make it easy to sort and find the smaller pieces in your inventory
  3. add vertical height – build upwards to take advantage of the tall ceilings in your warehouse space
  4. walkways and stairs – make it easy for your employees to find parts on the higher shelves by adding walkways and stairs which are safer than ladders and much more efficient for people sourcing parts
  5. mini-racks add useful space – adding mini-racks within your existing layout is another great option for customizing the space and organizing odd-sized parts

Putting these systems together requires people with technical skills and exceptional space-planning ability.

If you have an aptitude for architectural details and are very skilled at making complex tasks simple, then a job installing shelving would be a good choice for you.

Training and benefits include specialized training on forklift operation, power tool handling, as well as specialized climbing and fall-arrest safety equipment.

This is a growth industry that is looking for someone with your special talents.  Apply today.